LDG 40


40-Meter Gun Laser Distance Measurer  | Range: 0.05~40m

Precaster Laser Distance Meter

A Steady Measurement with the Ergonomic Gun Shape Grip

The unique ergonomic gun-style handheld design provides an excellent hold feeling and is easy to operate, you can take every measurement with a super steady position.

Built-in Complete Measuring Applications, Work Smart at Jobsite

The LDG40 equipped complete measuring functions, including single distance measuring, continuously measuring, three height measuring (base on Pythagorean), addition and subtraction. It is easy to know how to measure and is ready to provide an accurate reading in every measurement.


Have you ever seen the few parts of laser spot shots on the surface when you measure the length of the wall? Do you feel uncomfortable to lift the LDM and keep the measurement steady? Try LDG40, the unique design let it “stand” on the wall, so you can easily shoot on the other edge of the wall and take every measurement in comfort and steady way.

Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Precaster Laser Distance Meter

Smart and Fast Ways for Height Measurement

When you are going to measure the height of a wall, a three indirect measurement will fit your needs. it is based on the Pythagorean theorem, simply follow the on-screen indicator and measure the length of the hypotenuse and the base, the height you need will show up right away.

Universal 8 Length Units with Auto Converting

It builds 8 units so you can use it all around the world.
And you have hassle-free on the units converting, included meters, feet, inches, imperial units, and Taiwan meter.

Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Precaster Laser Distance Meter

Fantastic Battery Life

LDG40 uses our latest power management mode, which increased 20% of battery life. You can measure over 10,000 times with 2 AAA batteries and can last over a whole year. You can always know the capacity of the battery indicator.

X2 AAA Batteries
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
OVER 10,000 Times


Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Continuous Mode
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Area Calculation
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Volume Calculation
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Addition & Subtraction
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Indirect Measurement 
Precaster Laser Distance Meter

Continuous measurement helps you to find out desired distance always keep pressing buttons, you can quickly find the diagonal of a room (maximum value) and the horizontal distance (minimum value) by continuously moving the distance meter until you get what you need.

Precaster Laser Distance Meter

It is easy to calculate an area of walls with the built-in application, follow the screen indicator in Area mode to measure width and length, you will get value once you measured the measurements.

It is easy to calculate the volume of or a room or tank, Follow the screen indicator in Volume mode to measure the width, length and height, you will get the volume after all the measurements are taken.

You can simply add and subtract all your measurements to get the summary in few taps, just press the add or subtract buttons before a new measurement, it will calculate automatically.



When you want to measure the wall height or a gap in the hight place, indirectly measurement is the right APP for you, it is base on Pythagorean theorem but you can measure without knowing the math behind. Follow the on-screen indicator and measure the length of hypotenuse and the base, it comes to you right away.  Next time when you measure with indirectly measurement, please say thanks to Mr. Pythagoras.


Measuring Range0.05 m ~ 40 m
Resolution0.001 m
Accuracy±2 mm
Measuring Speed0.5 seconds
Laser Type650 nm, Class II, < 1 mw
Beam Size25 mm @ 30 m
Battery2 * AAA Batteries
Battery LifeUp to 10,000 measures
Dimensions76 * 89 * 33 mm
Operation Temperature-5°C ~ 40°C
Storage Temperature-20°C ~ 60°C
Automatic Power-Off
-Laser30 seconds
-Device180 seconds
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