High Accuracy Electronic Level

For Precision Leveling In Construction, Machinery, Positioning, Monitoring and More

Accuracy : 0.005°
Precaster LDM40 Laser Distance Meter

Level Up Your Workflow

    ♦  Install and calibrate machinery with confidence.

    ♦  Ensure the precise leveling of jigs and fixtures.

    ♦  Align and orient machine components flawlessly.

    ♦  Monitor construction sites and fields with accuracy.

    ♦  Strengthen security systems with reliable level detection.

    The PEL-200 empowers you to tackle any leveling challenge with unmatched precision and confidence.

    The PEL-200 Wireless Digital Level redefines leveling accuracy. Achieve ±0.005° precision for superior results in every application. Its rugged IP54 construction ensures dependable operation in harsh environments.


    The Advantage Of PEL200

    Precision That Matters : Achieve unmatched ±0.005° accuracy with 0.001° resolution.

    Built to Endure : IP54 dust and water resistance for reliability in every heavy duty.

    Connectivity Your Way : Flexible connection options with Wireless, USB, Naked Wires, and RS485.

    Rugged and Reliable : Durable metal casing on the master unit ensures long-lasting performance.

    Units to Suit Your Work : Display measurements in degrees, percentage, mm/M, or in/Ft.

    Stay Alert : Set custom angle thresholds to trigger audible alerts for critical measurements.

    Calibration Made Easy : Maintain peak accuracy with self-simple calibration procedures.

     How PEL-200 Can Do For You

    PEL200 Sensor

    A.  Antenna Connect Port
    B.  Power Button
    C.  Battery Room (AA x 2)
    D.  Connecting Port 《 RS485, USB (5V) 》

    /  FEATURES  /

    • Precision Matters – PEL200 Achieve unmatched ±0.005° Accuracy with 0.001° Resolution

    • Fine-Grinding Attach Points Ensure The Stability and Consistency Of Each Measurement

    • Wireless Connection With 700 Meters Range (LoRa Version)

    • Universal Wire Support For USB, RS485 or Naked Connecting Wires

    • Support External Power Source (5V)

    • Rugged IP54 Solid Metal Case

    PEL200R Receiver

    A.  Display

    E.  Clear / Power Button

    B.  Measure / Pause Button

    F. ABS / REL Button

    C.  X-Y Setup / Down Button

    G. Setting Button

    D.  Unit Setup / Up Button

    H. Digits Setup Button

    /  FEATURES  /

    • Reading Measurement Is Easy And Clear Crisp Color Display

    • Setup Displaying Resolution, Units, Digits With Clicks

    • Receive Data And Manage All Sensors In One Unit (Support 250 Sensors Max)

    • Support External Power Source (5V)

    • Rugged IP54 Design For Heavy Duty


    Module No.PEL-200PEL-200R
    Unit NameSensorReceiver
    Measure Range±9.999°
    Repeatability Accuracy*±0.005°±0.09mm/m
    Working temperature-10℃~+50℃
    Storage temperature-20℃~+60℃
    Response Time2 secs / 0.5Hz
    L x W x H in mm
    110 x 100 x 113
    (with Antenna)
    126 x 78 x 21
    Weight (With Battery)1032g144g
    Power SourceAA Battery x 2AAA Battery x 2


    Precaster Laser Distance Meter
    • PEL200 Sensor
    • Antenna
    • PEL200R Receiver
    • AA Battery x 2
    • RS485 Cable
    • AAA Battery x 2
    • USB Cable
    • Operation Manual
    • Y-Cable
    • Tool Box



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