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For Install and Use MeasureMATE with laser distance measure.

MeasureMate 3 is an innovative app that revolutionizes how measurements are taken and recorded. No more tedious handwriting or manual calculations! You can harness the power of your smartphone and transform it into the smartest measurement gauge. The app integrates with compatible Laser Distance Meters, enabling a smooth and stylish measurement experience.


Key Features:

  • Laser Distance Meter Compatibility: MeasureMate 3 requires a compatible Laser Distance Meter to function. Connecting your Laser Distance Meter to your smartphone via Bluetooth enables you to unlock a world of advanced measurement capabilities.
  • Draw Lines and Mark Measurements: Capture images with your smartphone’s camera and use MeasureMate 3 to draw lines and mark measurements directly on the photo. This feature allows you to annotate and highlight specific dimensions for easy reference.
  • Bluetooth Data Transfer: Seamlessly transfer measurements from your Laser Distance Meter to your smartphone using Bluetooth. The app automatically receives the measures, which can then be easily dragged and dropped onto the corresponding lines on your photo. This eliminates manual input and ensures accuracy.
  • Multimedia Notes: Enhance your measurement documentation with multimedia notes. Record text notes, capture sound clips, and even take videos to provide additional context and explain your measurements. These multimedia elements can be attached to specific measurements or added as general annotations.
  • Quick Export: Save time by instantly exporting images, audio clips, videos, and text notes to your smartphone. With a simple tap, all the relevant data is saved for future reference or sharing purposes.
  • Share with Ease: Share your measurement results with friends, co-workers, colleagues, or designers. MeasureMate 3 lets you easily share your annotated images, multimedia notes, and measurement data via email or any instant messaging platform. Collaboration and communication become more efficient and effective.
  • Laser Distance Measurer Support List,
  • This ensures seamless integration and optimal performance with these devices:
    • KRAFTOOL Laser Meters, including models 34763, 34765, and 34767.
    • KAPRO K377.
    • Precaster LDM60C, LDM600, LDM100 and LDM100C
    • Eagline EGL60C, EGL100C and EL150C.

Experience the convenience and accuracy of MeasureMate 3. Let your images speak and simplify how measurements are recorded, annotated, and shared.

You Can Find The MeasureMate on Google Play Store And iTune Store

MeasureMate V2, MeasureMate V3
MeasureMate V2, MeasureMate V3
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