Excellent Measure Mate with Laser Distance Meter

The Precaster iM2 is designed to work with Precaster Laser Distance Meter and get connected through Bluetooth 4.0.

Precaster iM2 included “Measure Cam” & “Target Cam” are both available on Play Store and iTune Store.

Search “Precaster iM2”, “Measure Cam” or “Target Cam” to reach out the APPs.

Download for Free!

“Measure Cam” to make measure for more smooth and smarter. You can through “Measure Cam” to transfer all the measures into smartphone by Bluetooth. You can edit, mark lines and make the clip, take video clips and text note to make your thought in a more understandable way.

“Target Cam” , an ideal APP and clamp turn your Laser distance Meter into a ultimate Set Out and Estimation tool.


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