a. Measure Cam

i. To enter Measure Cam, tap Measure Cam.

ii. Put your measurements on image with clear markings.

1. Take the field photo and process with preferred photo.

2. You can change the photo name by click the “ABC”

3. You can draw lines, make text, video and sound clip as memos

4. To draw a line, choose the preferred line types (single arrow or two arrows).

5. Simply tape on screen and drag to the another prefered point. You can readjust the position of line by drag the white dots on both sides of the line. Tap on empty space to exit the line edit mode.

6. You can always readjust the line by tapping the line again. To change the color, thickness and text of the line, click the setting icon.

iii. Put the measurements on to the lines.

1. Use your Laser Distance Meter to measure distance at the same location of the line. The result will be sent to the APP immediately.

2. Drag and drop result on the line you’ve drawn.

3. Press check to save the image.

iv. Managing your image

1. To manage your images, tap edit, the pencil image, and you can delete it by tapping the red cross and rename it by tapping Aa

2. transfer your images to folders

  • Step 1. Tap edit.

  • Step 2. Tap the image you want to transfer, and you’ll see a big check on the image you have chosen. And choose a folder.

  • Step 3. Tap the file case image to transfer.

  • Step 4. Tap Folders to confirm.

v. Managing folders

1. To create folders tap the folder image, and tap ok to create.

2. To delete or rename your folder, tap edit.

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