Target Cam text

i. Use your holder to adapt your Smart phone with your Laser Distance Meter.

1. Introduction to the holder. This is the side you’ll adapt your phone to the holder.

This is the side you’ll be able to put your LDM to the holder

There’s a ¼ Tripod hole.

2. Setting

Step 1: Adapt your LDM to the holder.

A. Pull 2 sides of the clip, after hearing a click sound.

B. Flip it open and put your LDM to the space and it’ll firmly adapt to your LDM

C. Put your LDM into the Space and make sure it firmly adapt to your holder.

Step 2: Adapt your phone to the Holder

A. Clip your phone to the other side of the holder, The clip is adjustable.

B. simply clip your phone on it.

C. Make sure the holder doesn’t block the camera.

After following these steps you can see your phone and your LDM can be regard as one instrument, and then you can go on using target Cam to measure far distance.

ii. To enter TargetCam, tap TargetCam.



iii. After entering TargetCam, you need to set up your target first.

iv. Tap the Laser dot on your screen.

v. Tap the Lock image to confirm your Target, so that you don’t need the laser dot, you just need the target.

vi. You can delete your Target by Tapping.

vii. You can change your target color by Tapping the Gear image.

viii. You can also reaim your target by tapping the Target image on the corner.

ix. After confirming your Target, You can start measuring.

  • Step1  Choose a measuring function

  • Step2  Aim your target to the place you want to measure and tap measure button to measure, it will trigger the LDM and the result will be sent to the APP immediately.

  • Step 3  You can tap check image to save measurement and Tap cross to delete.

x. To organize your measurement, tap.


1. To manage your images, tap edit, the pencil image, and you can delete it by tapping the red cross and rename it by tapping Aa

2.  transfer your images to Porjects

  • Step 1. Tap edit.

  • Step 2. Tap the image you want to transfer, and you’ll see a big check on the image you have chosen. And choose a folder.

  • Step 3. Tap the file case image to transfer.

xi. Managing Projects

1. To create a project, tap the folder image, and tap ok to create.

2. To delete or rename your Project, tap edit.