You might be aware that 10th Dec is the Human Rights Day. It is the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. When the General Assembly adopted the Declaration, with 48 states in favor and eight abstentions, it was proclaimed as a “common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations”.
However, have we ever considered Robots’ right? Take this wonderful girl, Sophia for example, she’s a humanoid robot developed by a Hong Kong-based company. She’s been designed to respond to questions and has been interviewed around the world. In October 2017, Sophia became a Saudi Arabian citizen, the first robot to receive citizenship of any country. Shouldn’t a citizen of SA be included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
Whether or not robots should get Robot Rights is an interesting question and a highly debatable issue, but what interests us more is how do we human beings make a robot automatic?

What makes robots automatic?

Take AGV or Robot vacuum, for example, the key point is the SLAM (Simultaneous localization and mapping) technology. This allows the robot tells their location in instant, and what makes it able to SLAM is The Laser Distance Module.

What is a Laser Distance Module?

A Laser Distance module is a module which uses a laser beam to determine the distance to an object in instant, therefore, this technology is very common when you need a certain distance in a way takes the least time, and gets the most accurate result. Mostly this module would be applicated on:

  • Hand-held Laser Distance Meter
    A Hand-held Laser Distance meter is often used for construction layout, Interior Designs, Architecture, Electrical Works, Painting Evolution, Ceiling and floor evaluation, and so on. Take Precaster CX100 for example, it’s very suitable for almost every application above. The function includes single measurement, continuously measurement, Indirect measurement by Pythagorean, and Bluetooth function to connect it to your smartphone.
    For more information, please check on the (Website)
  • Industrial Laser Distance Module
    An Industrial Laser Distance Module is a device that could be applicated to your own production facility, including verifying the Integrity of the product you’re producing on the product line, to monitor which stage your products are in, and make the automation even greater. Usually, the measuring range of this module could go up to 70ms. Take Precaster CA109 for example, this is the perfect product for your production facilities.

    • Measuring Range from 0.05~70m
    • Accuracy 2mm within 10m
    • Interface Uart
    • RS232 or RS485 choosable
    • Dimension 90x30x60mm
      For more information, you could check on the website or spec
  • Laser 2D Scanning Module
    Laser 2D Scanning Module is a surveying method that measures the distance to a target by illuminating the target with a pulsed laser light and measuring the reflected pulses with a sensor.Take PRECASTER CA113 2D Scanner for example. This is a 2D lidar manufactured in Taiwan.

    • Measuring Range is from 0.1~7.5M
    • Accuracy within 3 cm within 1M
    • Stationary cover prevents structure from foreign objects
    • Measuring frequancy is up to 1800HZ
    • Based on T-O-F (Time of flight) technology
    • No patent tort
    • Deformation won’t affect the accuracy.


This CA113 could be applicated to a wide variety of products, such as your Robot vacuum, AGV, and area measuring, and so on.
For more information, please check on website or spec.
Although applications above are no longer news, there are a huge potential for this technology. A distance module to a robot is like eyes to us human beings!!