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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are also known by other names including LGV (Laser-Guided Vehicle), SGV (Self-Guided Vehicle), as well as Guided Carts, Mobile Robots, Driverless Vehicles or Autonomous Vehicles and similar name variations. All can be the same or different in vehicle body structure, but all will have one (sometimes two!) methods of automatic navigation based on these technologies:

Laser. A series of reflective tape points are mounted on surrounding walls, poles (or racking and other infrastructure). A laser sensor within a rotating turret is mounted atop the AGV. Laser is constantly transmitted & received by the same sensor. The angle and (sometimes) distance to any reflectors that are in line-of-sight are automatically calculated and triangulated to give the current position of the AGV. The AGV compares this to the known map and path, then steering is adjusted to keep on track, with this constantly updated positioning.


Range / Contour. Using one or more on-board laser sensors, the technology detects and identifies walls, columns and racks (eg: within a warehouse). Using these fixed references, it can position itself in real time and navigate to destinations. Working particularly well in corridor environments, this also makes it an ideal technology for Hospital AGV’s.

Resource: http://www.roboticautomation.com.au/contact

As mentioned above, using a laser sensor on AGV could help detect obstacles in the surroundings and avoid hitting objects. When it comes to laser sensors, Precaster can proudly say we made it affordable and durable to use.

Take our RSP800 High Speed Measuring Module for example, it is designed as a small compact high speed laser distance sensor. The pulse technology gives good accuracy, fast response time, and a stable output under strong ambient light.


  • Small compact fits for most duties
  • Adjustable high speed measuring up to 2000HZ
  • TOF non-contact measuring low consumption sensor


  • Robot eyes distance measuring (AGV, cleaning robot…)
  • Positioning and monitoring objects
  • Security movement detections
  • Level and elevator measuring
  • Drone dodge action control

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