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60-Meters Color Display Distance Measurer

Precaster LDM40 Laser Distance Meter

Accuracy and Convenience In Every Measurement With The LDM600

The LDM600 is a highly accurate and convenient laser distance meter that can measure up to 60 meters. It features multiple measurement modes, including area, volume, and Pythagorean theorem indirect measurements, as well as a continuous measurement mode. The LDM600 also has a memory function that can store up to 50 measurements and a power-saving mode that extends battery life. With its durable and ergonomic design, the LDM600 is a reliable and efficient tool for both DIY and professional users.

Compact and Clear

The LDM600 Laser Distance Meter with High-Resolution Color Display

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The LDM600 boasts a compact design while featuring a large, crystal clear color display. This allows for easy readability in any lighting conditions, making it the perfect tool for measuring distance quickly and accurately. Additionally, the LDM600 is equipped with the latest measuring technology, making it a top choice for both professional and DIY use.

Effortlessly Achieve Precision with LDM600

Simply point the laser dot at your desired measurement and press the button for instant, accurate results. With a 1.5mm accuracy and lightning-fast 0.5 second response time, LDM600 outperforms traditional tape measures and rulers.

LDM60C Laser Distance Meter
LDM60C Laser Distance Meter

Flexible Display and User-Friendly Menu for Versatile Use

LDM60C’s auto-rotating display adapts to your preferred viewing angle, ensuring easy reading of measurements no matter the application or location. Whether measuring a wall or a tight space, the display will adjust for optimal visibility. Additionally, the device features a block-style menu for fast and easy access to all functions, making it even more user-friendly.


Efficiency and Versatility at Your Fingertips

The LDM600 is equipped with a full range of measuring applications, including Area, Volume, Standard and Advanced Height measurements, 50 memory storage, and a new stake-out feature. Additionally, the device can connect to your smartphone, allowing you to organize and share your key measurements easily. With all these features, the LDM600 is your go-to tool for streamlined and efficient work on any job site.

Unleash the Power of Height Measurement with LDM600

With six flexible ways to measure height, the LDM600 offers both standard and advanced modes. In standard mode, easily measure single heights, summaries, and differences with the turn of a triangle. In advanced mode, utilize the built-in angle sensor for smart, one-step height calculation with the length of the hypotenuse. Get accurate, efficient height measurements every time.”

【The Standard Mode】 measure the one point height, two points height for a sum and the difference between the two heights. You can measure the width of all by turn the triangles 90 degrees.

【In the Advanced Mode】 measure with the  built-in angle sensor to implement the smart height measurement for the one point height and two points height.


Efficient Layout Planning with Stake-Out Function

LDM600’s stake-out feature allows for quick and precise measurements when planning fields or layouts. Simply enter the desired length and let the device guide you through each segment with its direction indicator and proximity notification, streamlining your work and saving time on the job site.

LDM60 Laser Distance Meter
LDM60C Laser Distance Meter

Built-In 360° Digital Level

LDM600’s 360° digital angle sensor allows for advanced height measurement without the need for a separate angle sensor. This feature enables you to measure inclines and heights with just one tool, providing maximum flexibility on the jobsite. Measurement results are also easy to read on the device’s bright color display.

LDM60C Laser Distance Meter

Adjustable Volume Levels”

LDM600 offers a professional and discreet measuring experience with its 3 volume levels, allowing you to adjust the sound to your specific work environment without disrupting others.

Efficient Measurement Recall with LDM600, Never Lost Again

The built-in memory function allows you to save and recall up to 50 of your most recent measurements, ensuring that you never lose track of important data and can easily reference past measurements for comparison or record keeping.

Precaster HT-60 Laser Distance Meter

Fantastic Battery Life for Extended Use

LDM600’s advanced power management system allows for up to 20% longer battery life, giving you the ability to measure over 10,000 times with just 2 AAA batteries. The device also features a battery indicator to keep you informed on the current capacity, ensuring that you’re never caught off guard with a dead device in the middle of a job.

Precaster Laser Distance Meter
OVER 10,000 Times

Universal Measurement Capabilities

Switch Effortlessly between 8 Units with LDM600

Switching between 8 universal units, including metric, feet, inches, and more, is made easy with the unit setup feature. Measure with confidence and accuracy, no matter where you are in the world.

Precaster Laser Distance Meter


Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Carrying Case
LDM600-front and back
LDM600 Laser Distance Measurer
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Safety Strap
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
AAA Batteries


Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Continuous Mode
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Area Calculation
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Volume Calculation
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Indirect Measurement I
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Indirect Measurement II
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Indirect Measurement III
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Global Units Convertor
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Tap to Record, 50 Memories
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Addition & Subtraction
Precaster Laser Distance MeterThe continuous measurement feature allows you to easily find the desired distance by simply holding down the measurement button. This makes it easy to quickly determine the diagonal of a room (maximum value) and the horizontal distance (minimum value) by continuously moving the device until you have the information you need.
Precaster Laser Distance Meter


It is easy to calculate an area of walls with the built-in application, follow the screen indicator in Area mode to measure width and length, you will get value once you measured the measurements.

It is easy to calculate the volume of or a room or tank, Follow the screen indicator in Volume mode to measure the width, length and height, you will get the volume after all the measurements are taken.

When you want to measure the wall height or a gap in the hight place, indirectly measurement is the right APP for you, it is base on Pythagorean theorem but you can measure without knowing the math behind. Follow the on-screen indicator and measure the length of hypotenuse and the base, it comes to you right away.  Next time when you measure with indirectly measurement, please say thanks to Mr. Pythagoras.

The indirectly measurement MODE II, can be used to measure the total height of a wall or a poster by measuring two right triangles at same time. And you can also turn the big triangles 90 degree horizontally to measure a wide length of a wall without being there.

The indirectly measurement MODE III is helping you to measure a gap at high places, such as window on top or the height above the door. The calculation is based on two different height of triangles, follow the indicators the answer is right on your hands.

You can switch among 7 universal units for your measurements and is ready to use all the countries around the world, they are metric, feet, inches, ft-in to fraction, inches to the fraction. You can easily find your needs in the units setup.


Unlike the other old school memory function, we create a new way to help you memory, the TAP to RECORD, it helps you to memory what you really need by a simple tap, you could wipe all before held a new site measurement.

You can simply add and subtract all your measurements to get the summary in few taps, just press the add or subtract buttons before a new measurement, it will calculate automatically.




ModelLDM600 | Laser Distance Meter
DisplayColor LCD
Measuring Range0.05m ~ 60m
Resolution0.001 m
Accuracy±1.5 mm
Measuring Speed0.5 seconds
Laser Type650 nm, Class II, < 1 mw
Beam Size25 mm @ 30 m
Battery2 * AAA Batteries
Battery LifeUp to 10,000 measures
Dimensions105 * 48 * 21 mm
Operation Temperature-5°C ~ 40°C
Storage Temperature-20°C ~ 60°C
Automatic Power-Off
-Laser30 seconds
-Device180 seconds


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