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Precaster Laser Distance Meter

Introducing the Simplicity and Power of the HP and CP Series Pen-Style Laser Distance Meters

The HP Series and CP Series are the perfect solution for those looking for a compact and easy-to-use laser measuring meter. These pen-style devices have a unique design that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, making them ideal for on-the-go measurements. Despite their simple design, they offer robust results and standard functionalities found in other laser measuring meters. With just a button tap, you can access all the features you need to make your work experience more efficient. The HP20/HP30 and CP40 models are designed to help you set new standards for your work and make your job easier.

Choose The Best Display That Fits You

You can choose your preferred display type ; we have a black and white one and a revered style (white on black).

Efficient Measurement with Shortcut Functions, included Area, Volume and Height

The functions you frequently use are easily accessible with the function key, making it easy to switch between different measuring modes. The area, volume, and height measuring functions are all located within a few buttons, making it easy to quickly access the specific measurement you need. The various applications also have shortcuts, allowing you to quickly access the features you use most often and make your measuring experience as smooth as possible. With this laser distance measurer, you can confidently take accurate measurements with ease, and focus on getting the job done quickly and efficiently.


The easy ways to get the best measures to make this a choice tool. You can tap the measure key and get accurate measurements with speed. This is a testament to the stable electronic designs that are coming from the masters of the trader.

Precaster Laser Distance Meter
AA x 2, Over 10,000 Measurements

Fantastic Battery Life for Extended Use

The HP Series and CP Series uses an advanced power management system that allows for up to 20% longer battery life, allowing you to measure over 10,000 times with just 2 x AA batteries. The device also features a battery indicator to keep you informed on the current capacity, ensuring you’re never caught off guard with a dead device in the middle of a job.

PEN Series Function Cross Reference

The below chart is a reference, the setting is based on our experience and idea to market preference. We are always open to making the modification for free to make your own version.

Measuring Range0.05m-20m0.05m-30m0.05m-40m
Continuous Mode
Area Calculation
Dimension Calculation
Indirect Measure I
Indirect Measure II
Indirect Measure III
Global Units Convertor
Stake-Out Measurement
Addition & Subtraction
Countdown Measure
LCD Backlight
20 Memories

PEN Series Major Specification

Resolution0.001 m
Accuracy±2 mm
Measuring Speed0.5 seconds
Laser Type650 nm, Class II, < 1 mw
Beam Size25 mm @ 30 m
Battery2 * AA Batteries
Battery LifeUp to 10,000 measures
-HP144.7 * 32 * 21.6 mm
-CP145 * 35 * 18 mm
Operation Temperature-5°C ~ 40°C
Storage Temperature-20°C ~ 60°C
Automatic Power-Off
-Laser30 seconds
-Device180 seconds
Precaster Laser Distance Meter

PEN Series Accessories

Laser Distance MeterX1
Carrying Casex1
AAA Batteryx2
Safety Strapx1
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