Measure The Range In No Time

It measures with an accurate-n-fast-tuned laser pulse can beat any atmosphere condition, you can get the range in 0.3 seconds for 1,100 meters or 1200 yards. This looks complex but it does every time when you hit the measure button and we are proud to do this for you.

PRF-1200 Laser Module
Precaster Laser Distance Meter

The Accuracy As You Need

With the accurate-n-fast-tuned pulse, we guarantee you a fast measuring response time and a reliable result, it gives you ±0.3% over 500-meters and ±0.5% within the range from 100-meters to 500-meters, PRF-1200 is the elite for the long range measuring and is the one you can trust.

Precaster Rangefinder
PRF-1200 Laser Module

Fit Your Palm with IP54 Protection

Holding the PRF-1200 in hands, you can feel and surprised by the size and the excellent-handheld feelings, it only has 160 gram with the battery and the super compact size (95cm x 65cm x 32cm) equipped with a bold IP54 protection, You can bring the PRF-1200 to every duty you are working on and be the new benchmark of measuring.

PRF-1200 Laser Module

Easy to Use And Access All Functions

PRF-1200 has only two buttons which are easy to get hands-on, you do not have to worry about which measuring mode fits your needs but think what you want to measure, the straight distance, the horizontal distance or the height of the object. Simple push the buttons, you will get the reliable measurements in no time.


Product ModelPRF-800PRG-1200
Measuring Range5-800yd5-1200yd
Accuracy±0.3% (500m and above)±0.3% (500m and above)
±0.5% (Shorter than 500m)±0.5% (Shorter than 500m)
Pupil Distance17mm17mm
Measuring Speed1 Second0.3 Seconds


■ Laser Rangefider
■ CR2 Battery
■ Carry Case
■ Safety Strap
■ Cleaning Cloth
■ QuickStart

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