Measuring Essential for Surveyors, Construction Workers, and More

Range: 5-1,200 Yards | 5-1,100 Meters

The ProRange 1200 has the game-changing distance-measuring technology you’ve been waiting for. With multiple measuring modes including Actual Distance (AD), 2 Point Height (2PH), 3 Point Height (3PH), Interval Distance (ID), and Slope Distance (SD), this innovative tool sets itself apart from the competition. Whether you’re a surveyor, construction worker, or outdoor enthusiast, the ProRange 1200’s compact size and durable IP54 protection make it the perfect tool for all your measuring needs.

AD : Actual Distance mode
2PH : 2 Point Height mode
3PH : 3 Point Height mode
ID : Interval Distance mode
SD : Slope Distance mode

Get the range you need in no time

Experience lightning-fast distance measurements with the ProRange 1200. Its precise laser pulse technology delivers accurate readings in just 0.3 seconds, even in challenging atmospheric conditions. With a maximum range of 1200 yards or 1100 meters and 0.3% accuracy, the ProRange 1200 is the ultimate tool for professionals who demand speed, accuracy, and reliability.

Effortless Measurements with The User-Friendly Design

With only two buttons, ProRange 1200 is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Whether you need to measure actual distance, 2 or 3-point height, interval distance, or slope distance, simply select the appropriate mode and press the button. The clear and easy-to-read LCD display shows your chosen unit of measurement, as well as additional information such as slope, degree, and percentage, providing all the data you need to complete your measurements with ease.

  • YD : Indicates the selected unit of measurement is yards. 
  • mm/M : Displays the slope in metric mode. 
  • in/F T: Displays the slope in imperial mode. 
  • PCT : Indicates the slope raised in percentage. 
  • DEG : Indicates the angle measurement in degrees. 
  • AD : Indicates the actual distance measurement. 
  • 1, 2, 3 : These numbers are displayed to guide you through the sequence of measurements in all modes. 
  • HD : Indicates the horizontal distance measurement. 
  • H : Indicates the height measurement. 
  • ID : Indicates the interval distance measurement. 
  • SD : Indicates the slope distance measurement.
ModesSymbolInitialExt. Data in order and loop to initial
Actual DistanceADADHDHDEGmm/M*
2P Height2PHHDEG #1#1
PCT #1DEG #2#2
Interval DistanceIDIDAD1AD2DEG
Slope distanceSDSDAD1AD2Hmm/M*
*Depend on Unit, M with mm/M, FT, and YD with in/FT

Rugged Design

The Ranger Finder One is built to withstand the toughest conditions. Its durable IP54 protection ensures that it is resistant to water, dust, and other elements, making it a reliable tool for outdoor use. The compact size and sturdy construction make it easy to carry with you wherever you go, so you can take accurate measurements on any job site.

Precaster Rangefinder

Stable and Accurate Measurements

Easily Mount to a Tripod for Added Precision With a 1/4″ screw thread on the battery cap, the ProRange 1200 can be securely mounted onto a tripod or other device for added stability and precision when taking measurements. Experience the ultimate in distance-measuring technology with the ProRange 1200’s fast and accurate laser pulse, multiple measuring modes, clear LCD display, and versatile mounting options.


Product ModelProRange-1200
Measuring Range5-1200yd
Accuracy±0.3% (500m and above)
±0.5% (Shorter than 500m)
Pupil Distance17mm
Measuring Speed0.3 Seconds


Laser Rangefider
Battery Cap /w ¼” Thread
CR2 Battery
Carry Case
Safety Strap


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