The CX80 gives a long measuring range, and it is close with what you get with the Precaster CA700 series. Convenience and accuracy are richly blended as you allow the measuring meter to perform at full capacity. The power of having this product in your toolbox is something that you cannot quantify. With the various functionalities that it gives, it is a smart move to invest in the Precaster CX80.

Accurate Measurements with the Stainless Pintail

Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Stainless pintal
The multi-function pintail gives you the opportunity to boost your measuring experience. The stainless pintail is a unique addition in this range. The pintail has 3 different positions that can help you achieve your goals. It gives you the dynamic outlet to get your measurements done in a quick and very fast way. by engaging the Pintail.
Precaster CX-80 Laser Distance Meter
Folded into body, on your hand and pocket, it’s a compact measurer.
Hook at edge, for plank, table and surfaces, knowing where to start to measure.
Extended Pintail, best for measuring at pipe, corner, less gap and more accurate.


Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Tripod thread
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Stainless pintal

Steady & Accurate Measurements with the Tripod Thread

Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Tripod thread
Laser Distance Meter
Quick & Accurate measuring

The small 1/4’’ thread at the back of the unit is used to make an attachment with your small camera tripod. It is perfect when you use it for indirect measurements and long distance measurements. It gives more stability and accuracy when you use it.

Precaster Laser Distance Meter

Grab the Soft Grips and Measure Right on Job-sites

You use the soft grips to measure accurately in your various projects. The flexibility to move with your palm and hands allows you to stay in line with contemporary realities. You can be safe from any hazards that come from rigorous applications as was the custom in older models of laser measuring meters.



With the use of the simple feature, you can save the measurements you need. It takes away the cumbersome search for a measurement as you can choose the numbers you want to save.

Precaster Laser Distance Meter

Fantastic Battery Life

You can enjoy very long working seasons without the need to change the batteries. Our product allows you to enjoy the use of your battery without worrying about the logistics of change and other allied matters.

X2 AAA Batteries
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
OVER 10,000 Times


Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Carrying Case
Precaster CX-80 Laser Distance Meter
CX80 Laser Distance Meter
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Safety Strap
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
AAA Battery


Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Continuous Mode
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Area Calculation
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Dimension Calculation
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Indirect Measurement I
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Indirect Measurement II
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Indirect Measurement III
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Global Units Convertor
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Stake-Out Measurement
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Addition & Subtraction
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Tap to Record, 20 Memories
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
LCD Backlight
Precaster Laser Distance Meter
Countdown Measure
Precaster Laser Distance Meter

Continuous measurement helps you to find out desired distance always keep pressing buttons, you can quickly find the diagonal of a room (maximum value) and the horizontal distance (minimum value) by continuously moving the distance meter until you get what you need.

Precaster Laser Distance Meter

It is easy to calculate an area of walls with the built-in application, follow the screen indicator in Area mode to measure width and length, you will get value once you measured the measurements.

It is easy to calculate the volume of or a room or tank, Follow the screen indicator in Volume mode to measure the width, length and height, you will get the volume after all the measurements are taken.

When you want to measure the wall height or a gap in the hight place, indirectly measurement is the right APP for you, it is base on Pythagorean theorem but you can measure without knowing the math behind. Follow the on-screen indicator and measure the length of hypotenuse and the base, it comes to you right away.  Next time when you measure with indirectly measurement, please say thanks to Mr. Pythagoras.

The indirectly measurement MODE II, can be used to measure the total height of a wall or a poster by measuring two right triangles at same time. And you can also turn the big triangles 90 degree horizontally to measure a wide length of a wall without being there.

The indirectly measurement MODE III is helping you to measure a gap at high places, such as window on top or the height above the door. The calculation is based on two different height of triangles, follow the indicators the answer is right on your hands.

You can switch among 7 universal units for your measurements and is ready to use all the countries around the world, they are metric, feet, inches, ft-in to fraction, inches to the fraction. You can easily find your needs in the units setup.


When you need to split a distance into several segment, use stake-out. Setup your desired distance and start to measure with continuously measurement, you will see the signs on LCD telling you the direction. Follow the guide and get your segments done in a second.


You can simply add and subtract all your measurements to get the summary in few taps, just press the add or subtract buttons before a new measurement, it will calculate automatically.



Unlike the other old school memory function, we create a new way to help you memory, the TAP to RECORD, it helps you to memory what you really need by a simple tap, you could wipe all before held a new site measurement.

With always on bright and white backlight you can see the measurements more easier and clear under the most strong light, dark, or smoky places. With our own advanced power management, you do not need to worry about the battery life, it will be always on when you need it.

When you measuring at narrow or hard reach places, you can use build-in timer to delay your measurement time to setup the laser distance meter. Click on the timer button and set the timer from 3~15 seconds.


Measuring Range0.05 m ~ 80 m
Resolution0.001 m
Accuracy±1.5 mm
Measuring Speed0.5 seconds
Laser Type650 nm, Class II, < 1 mw
Beam Size25 mm @ 30 m
Battery2 * AAA Batteries
Battery LifeUp to 10,000 measures
Dimensions116 * 48 * 31 mm
Operation Temperature-5°C ~ 40°C
Storage Temperature-20°C ~ 60°C
Automatic Power-Off
-Laser30 seconds
-Device180 seconds


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